Service Warranty

At Affordable Pest Control Brisbane we want all of our valued clients 

to get the best results from their pest control treatment. 

Below are some helpful steps you can take prior to and post treatment.


  • Clear out stored goods from any cupboards you are experiencing a pest issue in to allow for adequate treatment.

  • Complete any cleaning prior to a treatment. Ensuring floors are vacuumed and mopped will help to aid in the adhesion of the treatment to these surfaces and provide the best possible treatment for your home.

  • Ensure pet food bowls are emptied and cleaned to reduce food sources for unwanted pests like Ants & Rodents. 

  • Cut back and clear any foliage away from all external walls and ensure that your lawn is mowed prior to any treatment. This allows for maximum coverage of external surfaces and helps limit points pests can use as a bridge over the treated areas. (ie: Tree branches overhanging roof line)

  • Empty internal bins daily and ensure house keeping is kept up to a high standard (wash dishes regularly, ensuring benches are wiped down and food crumbs removed, mop up any spills etc..  By doing so this will help to reduce the available food sources for pests and help to keep your home pest free.

  • Seal up any gaps around doors to help reduce access to your home from unwanted pests. Garage doors are particularly bad at sealing and are a common access point for pests to enter homes.

  • Ensure that all fly screens are in good order and keep doors closed when ever possible. This will aid in reducing the the number of unwanted insects entering your home.

  • Following any and all advice both verbal and written to ensure the maximum efficiency of any given treatment.

The Warranty only covers an infestation and will not prevent pests from potentially entering the home or property, which can occur from time to time depending upon the external environment, pest pressure in the area and climatic conditions.

As pest come into contact with the treated areas they will start to absorb the residual treatment.

Once they have been effected by a 'lethal dose' they will die.

How quickly this happens depends on a number of factors out of our control. 

As with all pest control treatments there is the possibility of eggs laid in areas that the treatment cannot reach.

As these eggs incubate and hatch, the new insects will start to come into contact with the residual treatment and die.

(This process can take up to 6 weeks in some cases depending upon the type of pest)

Ants are an ongoing problem in Brisnbane and other areas around Australia.

An ant colony can be home to millions of ants and we only ever see around 3% of the total colony number.

Ants are most active with climatic changes from rain and high humidity, usually seeking food, water or shelter when entering homes.

Due to the sheer number a single colony can house treatments for Ants can take some time to have a desired effect.


An ant treatment relies heavily on the ants themselves taking baits and transfer products back to the nest to effect the entire colony.

If you are still experiencing and ant issue 6 weeks after a specialised ant treatment please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist.

Typical Warranty Periods are as follows:

12 Months Internal & 6 Months External

Warranty Conditions*

Please note that not all properties can be provided with a warranty.

A standard 6 to 10 week waiting period after initial treatment applies to allow

treatment time to be of effect depending upon the pest being encountered.


Warranty will be provided at the discretion of Affordable Pest Control Brisbane on severely infested properties

as severe infestations can take multiple treatments to get under control. 


No warranty is provided for any Bed bugs, German cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Midges, Flies and other flying insects.

Affordable Pest Control Brisbane does not conduct any termite inspections and or treatments and as such provides no warranty against this pest.

Annual Timber Pest Inspections to the Australian Standard by a licensed Timber Pest Technician is Highly Recommended. 

Affordable Pest Control Brisbane warrants only what is outlined in the invoice given and warranty periods shown.

Please note that Painting, Replacing Flooring / Carpets, Pressure Washing or introduction or removal of new soil and other materials to surrounding areas and gardens will void any treatment due to encapsulation, coverage or removal of treated areas.

Please note that in the case of extreme weather events such as higher than average rainfall and or where flowing/flooding water has effected the treatment these conditions are outside of our control and are not covered under warranty.

Affordable Pest Control Brisbane recommends all renovation or landscaping works be completed prior to treatment taking place.

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