Affordable Pest Control

Terms and Conditions

Reservation Conditions


Once a booking is made you have accepted Affordable Pest Control Group and it's subsidiaries Terms & Conditions.


The customer shall be at the property at the time of appointment or suitable access arranged.

The appointment will be cancelled and a $99 call out fee will be charged if suitable access can not be gained.

Cancellation Terms

48 hours notice is required to cancel or change your appointment.

For any cancellations please call 0498 560 139 during our normal business hours. 

Alternatively please send us an e-mail.

A $50 Fee will apply for any cancellation on the same day of the appointment.

A $99 call out fee will be applied if the technician arrives on site and

the customer chooses to cancel the treatment or reschedule.

Payment Terms Residential

We only accept payment onsite by Cash Or Credit* / Debit Card* ( Visa Card, Master Card and AMEX )

No other payment options are available onsite.

If you are unable to be present at the time of treatment to complete payment, then payment must be made in advance prior to the appointment date and any treatment proceeding.

Availability for payment via invoice or direct deposit is at the sole discretion of The Affordable Pest Control Group.

Prior arrangement must be made if payment via these methods is required.

Payment on Invoice is subject to the following terms:

Appointment must be booked no sooner than 7 days in advance.

Payment request will be sent 7 days prior to the date your booking is made with 2 day payment terms.

Payment must be processed prior to any treatment commencing. 

Any unpaid invoices one day after the due date will result in cancellation or your scheduled appointment being 48hrs prior to your appointment date.

Automated reminders will be sent up to and including the day after due date.

Payment Terms Commercial

All commercial treatments and payments will be subject to individual contract terms. A contract will be supplied and terms agreed and signed off by all parties.

Above and beyond these terms the following will also apply.

Outstanding balances that remain 7 days past due are subject to a Late fee of $25

and Administration Fee of $10 for each calendar week past the due date shown on the invoice. 

These fees are non negotiable and help to cover the costs of following up outstanding payment.

To avoid any accumulation of Late & Administration Fee against an outstanding balances,

adherence to the payment terms set out on the supplied invoice is appreciated.

Work Conditions

Throughout our services, technicians are not obliged to touch or move any furniture or personal items etc..
Customers are responsible for preparing the property ready for treatment.

For further information or advice on readying your property for treatment please click here


Affordable Pest Control Group and it's subsidiaries reserve the right to refuse service at their discretion in compliance with any and all anti-discrimination laws and/or cease treatment if it is deemed unsafe to continue.

Frequency Of Pest Control Treatments


Frequency of Pest Control Treatments depends on the location of your property and the pest density.

The technician onsite can advise on recommended treatment frequencies.

Warranty Conditions*

Please note that not all properties can be provided with a warranty.


Warranty will be provided at the discretion of Affordable Pest Control Group and it's subsidiaries on severely infested properties. 


No warranty is provided for any Bed bugs, German cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Midges, Flies and other flying insects. 

Affordable Pest Control Group warrants only what treatment is outlined on the invoice given and applicable warranty periods.

For further information on warranty terms and conditions please click here

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

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